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Call 541-448-2526 to place an order

Call 541-448-2526 to place an order

Huckleberry Jam - Regular or Sugar Free

5oz - $5.00

8oz - $9.00

Our Wild Huckleberry jams are made out of Wild Huckleberries, sugar, corn syrup, pectin and citric acid. Also available is a sugar free Wild Huckleberry jam in a 5oz jar. The ingredients are Wild Huckleberries, white grape juice, sugar free pectin and sucralose.

Wild Huckleberry Syrup - Regular or Sugar Free


10oz bottle- Your choice of regular or sugar free, both choices come in the same bottle. Made especially for us! (sugar free available)

Huckleberry Honey


12 oz Huckleberry Honey in the bear.

Huckleberry Taffy - Regular or Sugar Free


12 oz This taffy comes in either sugar free or regular, made especially for us!

Huckleberry Coffee

12 oz - $12.00

1.75 oz - $3.50




3 pack votive in crate - $7.00

Votives - $2.50 each

Jar w/ 2 votives in gift crate


Mason Jar Mug


Buffalo Cribbage Board


These cribbage boards are made from buffalo bone and are very unique! Each one is a little different from the others.

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